Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask us by sending and email to [email protected]. We will respond to your question as soon as we can, but latest within 24 hours. Frequently asked questions with their answers will be listed here.

What is Tuck-Inn®?
The Tuck-Inn® baby bedding by Witlof for kids has elastic corners on 1 side, which makes the bedding fit perfectly around the lower end of the mattress. Tuck-Inn®  also makes it a lot easier to make a bed and it avoids loose bedding. The Tuck-Inn® duvet covers ensure that even the little elder and most restless sleepy heads won’t be able to kick loose their bedding. Click ‘Info & help – How does Tuck-Inn work to see in a few seconds how it works!

How can I keep the black color of the ‘Lof you to the moon and back’ theme as long as possible?
We adivse to wash these articles at a low temperature (max 30 degrees, delicate cycle).

How can I safely make a baby bed with Tuck-Inn bedding?
For safetey instructions, see ‘Info & help – Safety‘. You can also watch this demonstration movie: ‘Info & help – Instructions for making a baby bed (demo movies)‘.

How can I make sure the cover is not put up too high with Tuck-Inn?
In the demo movie on ‘Info & help – Instructions for making a baby bed (demo movies)‘ it is demonstrated how to ensure the cover is not put up too high with Tuck-Inn.

Can I use a Witlof for kids fitted sheet on an Aerosleep mattress?
In principle the Aerosleep mattress has been designed for babies who, when they roll over on their tummy, cannot roll back. As soon as a baby cann roll back on their back (on average between the 6 and 9 months old), you could use a normal sheet on the Aerosleep mattress. However, many parents who have babies that sleep on their tummy prefer to keep on using the special Aerosleep fitted sheets. The Witlof for kids fitted sheets are made of 100% poplin cotton.